RTO Euroclean

Leader in systems for air treatment and energy recovery


Regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO)

The systems with one or two towers for heat recovery are obsolete systems. Indeed, they no longer permit to reach the new environmental standards concerning the VOCs emissions. RTO Euroclean manufactures systems with three towers or more, which enable to treat the gaseous effluents in an optimal manner, while allowing energy recovery by thermal capture.


Classical thermal incinerator

RTO Euroclean manufactures classical incinerators which permit to treat gaseous effluents without energy recovery, with a tubular exchanger that has a preheating efficiency of 70%. They are used to treat gaseous effluents plasticizer type.


Incinerator for NOx treatment

The NOx essentially result from the combustion of fossil fuels (industrial ovens, boilers) and from some industrial processes (nitric acid production, fertilizer manufacturing, surface finishing, etc.). They are mainly formed in the combustion chambers. RTO Euroclean installs incinerators enabling the treatment by ammoniac injection and reaction of the mixture on a catalytic bed.